Meg Tuite

ThLarsen - toilet

Toilet by Thomas Larsen

Myopic Vision

You enrapt in the quality of your erection
seeing double me from behind
who knows how many beers

the bar we got smashed in
every weekend
searching for splinters of a migrating us
my sticky fingers tattooed oily handprints
spread against the bathroom tile
our pants at our ankles

as I read scrawled messages
groping for a sign

‘Don’t kiss leeches,
their heads will lodge inside you.’

‘It takes two to wanker
what one can’t.’

‘Your mom sucked my dad off.’

‘There’s a fly in your mouth, or is that just my zipper.’

I was as weary
as the clutching bags
harnessed like bruises
under the floating
aqueous of my eyes

I was no stranger to the stench
of unflushed urinals
and panic

We readjusted our clothes
reached for each other
a location we couldn’t locate
face to face

“I’ll see you out there,” you said.

I punched you somewhere
like I didn’t care
and nodded

I staggered toward the mirror
pulled out purple lipstick from my pocket
my blurred reflection stretched
through glass in front of me

in loopy letters
I covered the ruddy, swollen face
that stared back at me

and all I could see
was a tinier her
lost inside the words

‘Exile is everywhere.’

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