Melanie Browne

Minute Two

“Minute Two” by Eugenia Loli

I Almost Cried in Front of a Lichtenstein

surfing the web I
run across a book titled,
“pictures and tears: Famous
people who have cried in front
of Paintings,” the book
claims that Hemingway cried in
front of a painting,
and I wonder how the
author can prove it,
I picture Hemingway
standing there,
heavy in his boots,
weeping over a painting,
and it sounds absurd,
absolutely nonsensical,
and I’m slightly curious,
but not enough to buy the book,
would Monet’s haystacks
have made Nietzsche cry?
and then I wonder why I
have never cried in front of
a painting?, I can cry in
the car, or in the
movie theatre,
but never in front of
a painting, much
less an abstract painting,
a bunch of red and black
smears across a canvas,
maybe my bones are
filled with ice,
my heart still
an unfinished
symphony of
falling ash,
but that’s probably
not true,
and it’s not like
art museums
have tissues

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