Tim Peeler

marl factory ruins by jennifer tomaloff

“Marl Factory Ruins” by Jennifer Tomaloff

Going away is harder than I Thought

I thought I could just go down to the woods
And be done with it, or that playing dead
Would just become second nature,
Like driving to work or rolling
The garbage can to the road.
I know; you always bury a copperhead
Because you don’t want to be stung
By the yellow jackets that eat it.
But who can bury all the poison
A man turns loose in this world,
And is it better to leave a few people at a time
Or to go in one big humanitarian blast?
Morning, I look in the mirror
At the ruin that’s left, measuring
The evil that casts its own reflection:
Who’s gonna die today, Fat Boy,
Me or you.

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