John Grochalski

on coming darkness by poorthunder

On Coming Darkness” by Terrence PoorThunder

throw them in the water

she’s here
dressed in matching purple shorts
and a shirt with a plaid, lavender heart
stitched above the pocket

her hair is something out of a 1985 ladies home journal

her face is fat
with lips greased from the potato chips and coca-cola
she ate on the boat ride over here

she has a knee brace on her right leg
because walking is a foreign conception to her

we’re standing in front of the morgue at alcatraz
with the san francisco wind blowing up our asses

it’s a pretty eerie sight
looking into fogged glass
at a stone slab that once held someone’s final bed

it adds to the dark misery of the island

then she turns to her husband
another obese asshole in an american flag t-shirt
and says, why do they even have a morgue here?
they should’ve just thrown them in the water

he nods and puts an arm around her
and the two of them walk toward  the alcatraz gift shop

because she says she wants a t-shirt
a postcard of al capone’s mugshot

and a tub of ghirardelli chocolates
in a tin box shaped like the island

to bring back
for all the good guys and gals
stuck slaving at the job

to prove she spent the week
doing more than hobbling around.

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