jr clarke

untitled by poorthunder

“Untitled” by Terrence PoorThunder


now this time I’m taking it very seriously     a train
whispering old sea shanties of a deceased wife’s poetry     eternal record of love
pulls away now from a station through a teeming elder brother cluster of buildings
unwilling to join aether of dust twenty yards long as the train crosses crescents of iron
picking up enough speed to blur sight     a 24 hour supermarket (strictly in a biblical sense) the cranes & grass of hospitals     back to back engine gardens     the satellites
sound of train like an orchestra in a dull rotting gut sky     conservatories of aspidistras
desperately searching for something that cannot be overlooked to the point
where it can only exist in poetry     longing for distance but yet close enough to hold it
in that moment when you thought you had it before the engine slams into gear
& finally we are gone

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