Meg Tuite

broken horizon by poorthunder

“Broken Horizon” by Terrence PoorThunder

To That Guy Who Never Gets It

If I was a rash
I would settle
back in the easy chair of your balls

while you raced around
from mirror to mirror

A nudist camp of one
screeched, howled,
bared your fake teeth
sort of a baboon
in heat
but neon from the front
rather than the back

pulled out talcum powders
slathered anything promising
on to your two screaming headlights
and yet no happy ending?

I’d make myself a nice
shade of deep purple with lots
of cute sprinkles like pimples
while I ate fries
drank the beer
out of your stash
and watched you
freak out

burning and itching
swore that you’d never
touch another girl
on your hands and knees

scraped and clawed
prayed to a god
you were on a first date with

I believe I would let
your duo swell
so that your head
was not the only one
that had a hard time
getting through a doorway

I would watch
you wrench your hands
cup your balls
while you staggered
without the bravado

now just a pair
of sad, swollen sacs
instead of one
who said
I love you
you’re the only one
I can’t live without you

Before you stuck it in
so many holes
you had now become
your own pattern of

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