Paula Cary

fray by poorthunder

“Fray” by Terrence PoorThunder

The Life of a Woman

Romance is trite
There are no flowers
There are no balloons
No teddy bears
And I truly don’t care
Save for the flowers
And no matter of hinting,
Pleading and begging
Will ever bring those flowers
To my table without my own doing
so I blame society
For filling our heads with nonsense
That men will stand up for their women
And fend off the evildoers
Because so far they have not.
I blame mothers
For teaching their daughters
To succumb
To bend to “his” will
And leaving us to languish
Into milk cows
For unappreciative children
And husbands who suck
The tits of their secretaries
Rather than listen
To the lunatic ravings
Of their wives at home
Men who made them lunatics
In the first place.
I refuse to lead that life.
I refuse to settle for motherhood
I want to be the man in this relationship
And let the jackasses of the world
Raise the children
And grow the gut
That sets their dreams on fire
For a change.

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