We live in a world of vast contradictions.  All of our lives we are told to push beyond the borders of our own little world to see what can exist outside the imaginations of those who came before us, yet when we do this, we are often met with great resistance.

Throughout time, art and poetry have emblazoned new trails and shocked society by delivering images and turns of phrase that the general population never dreamed could exist.  These artists and writers were often shoved to the periphery of their communities and labeled with such tags as lunatic or eccentric.

Many years ago we discovered that art moves where it wants to regardless of authority.  No government, no military sanction, no religion can stifle your creativity.  They cannot stop creation.  They can do their best to sweep it under the rug, burn it, and raise Cain about it, but they can’t stop it from happening.   This is the inherent beauty of art and poetry.  It is its own revolution that happens over and over again.

Here at Regardless Of Authority we applaud those that have the guts to create what needs to be seen and heard despite the pressures to conform to rules, and our goal is to bring the public that art which serves no boundaries to society, government or religion.  If your work speaks to this, we will consider it.

Aleathia Drehmer and Michael D. Goscinski, Editors


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