Seth Elkins

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Seth Elkins, Photographer-Artist-Tattooer-Poet

Aleathia Drehmer:  When did you first start to have a keen interest in art in which you thought it might be your life’s direction?

Seth Elkins:  I’ve honestly never even thought of it that way. Being an artist has always come rather natural. Whether or not it has been “good” or, “art”, has always been up for speculation. But being creative has been part of my life since as far back as I can remember.

AD:  Are there any experiences in life that have directly shaped the way you capture the world through your art medium?

SE:  When I was very young, my mom got a VCR and a few movies. Batman, Beetlejuice, The Lost Boys, and Willow. Probably watched them a million times, but in the process, I developed a keen interest in stage settings. I would blame that VCR and those 4 films for having more influence than any other, in regards to my photography.

AD: What artist is your biggest influence and are there any educators who pushed you further in your craft and changed your perspective?

SE:  Well, I could list off my favorite artists and tell you how their work has been oh so influential, and I wouldn’t be lying, but it wouldn’t be entirely true. No one has been more encouraging than my mother, Linda Elkins.

AD:  Your photography captures such grand aspects of nature while also paying great detail to the small movements of the earth. Why does this interest you? Do you do any processing to the photographs? What is your favorite camera to work with?

SE:  I would take different photographs if I thought they were as good as the ones I take, if that answers anything. No, I don’t Photoshop my work, it’s all done on camera. I use a Canon Rebel XT, which I love, but I hope to get a better camera in the near future. I really want to get into cinematography.

AD:  What upcoming projects do you have in the works?  Any gallery shows? Publications?

SE:  Motel, Diner, Liquor is a book of poetry that I contributed to, with poetry by Jason Hardung, John Dorsey, and Jason Ryberg. my first collection of work to be published, and it is a damn fine looking book. also, in the near future, i have an online publication titled A Bellyful of Halos which will be entirely composed of my poetry and photography by my brother, Jason Elkins.