*Art/Photography submissions for issue #4 due out 12/1/13 are currently open.

When this project first came to mind the art that affected me most was street art, abstract modern painting, and photo journalism.

There is something inherently amazing about the dangers of making graffiti and street art….something sad in knowing that it will get painted over, destroyed by weather, and re-vandalized.  Despite these hurdles, people still risk their safety and their freedom to make their art seen.

Abstract Modern Art has always spoken to a deep and centered place in my heart.  Its range from minimalism to chaos leaves it wide open to the individual viewer’s interpretation.  It makes the art interactive and mentally challenging.  It appears simple, but is vastly complex.

From a very young age I have been a fan of photo journalism.  The capturing of the human condition at its most vulnerable has pushed me to recognize it in my own tiny existences whether I am living in small towns or a metropolis.  They are often images that hurt when you look at them.  They speak to the fabric of the world we live in.

Having said all of this, what I am looking for is art and photography that is true to the passionate of the ideas of danger, abstract nature, and the human condition.  How you interpret these meanings are up to you.

Aleathia Drehmer

Art Editor, Regardless of Authority

Submission Guidelines:

**Submit 8-12 pieces of art or photography as jpegs to: Please be sure to write Submission/Artist’s Name/Art in the subject line.

**Include titles for each piece and the name you would like each piece credited with in the body of the email.

**Please do not include any blatant pornography.  If a photo speaks to the human condition and also shows a little skin, that is ok, but we’re not into beaver shots and the full monty.

** Include a link to your website.  There is no need to send a bio as it does not sway us one way or the other as to whether your work will get chosen.

**Pieces will be chosen to fit with the poetry, so allow 4-6 weeks for a reply.  It will be generally sooner than that, but don’t email every week to check on it.  Good things come to those who wait.

**By sending art and photography, you give permission to have your work displayed online for two months and archived as long as we have the website.  All rights are reverted back to the artist.

**There is no monetary compensation for being published at this time.  Exposure is all you get.


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