Submission Guidelines-Poetry

*PLEASE READ the guidelines. Don’t waste your time or ours. Guidelines may occasionally change, so please check before you submit.

*A few helpful hints: Being this is the inaugural issue you really don’t have anything to go on; so here’s what we’re looking for. Length isn’t a big concern but have something to say and say it. There are probably enough poems out there about birds drifting in the sky and rivers in the moonlight. Metaphor is fine, if you know what the hell to do with it. Rhyming poems really don’t tickle our balls. I repeat RHYMING POEMS REALLY DON’T TICKLE OUR BALLS. But we do like poems that are: Honest – Social Commentary – Observations – Clever – Gritty – Raunchy – Sarcastic – Humorous – Manic – Original. Willing to read Experimental poetry but can’t make any promises. We DO NOT endorse or have any particular political agenda, but respect everyone’s right to speak their mind. So send political poetry if you feel the need, it WILL get a fair shake.

*Submit: 3-5 poems (flash fiction under 500 words is okay too) preferably in the body of an email or as a Word doc attachment. Include AUTHORS NAME and “POETRY” in the subject line. Please only send ONE submission per issue to:

*Simultaneous submissions are NOT accepted. The response time will be fast, we have no desire to sit on your poetry for months letting it gunk up our inbox. If you can’t wait a couple of weeks, don’t bother submitting. We really don’t care for previously published work, but in the right circumstances it may be accepted.

*No need to send author BIO’s. They will not be used and your poetry will not be accepted based on previous publications. We don’t feel BIO’s do the author justice. If a reader wants to know more about an author, Google will show them the way. You may however send links to blogs, websites, or social media if you wish.

*Authors retain all rights to their work. By submitting you give us the right to publish your work online for one issue and archive it for as long as we see fit. Since we do not make a penny off of this publication NO PAYMENT will be offered at this time.



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