Brenton Booth

Nude Lamp, Seville
“Nude Lamp, Seville” by David J. Thompson



The rain pounds against
my building
it’s 9:20am and everyone
but me has gone to work
I lay in bed still
looking at an empty page
wondering when the words
will come again,
or more precisely—if they
will come again
writing is not a game of
it’s a game of luck
the most skilful rarely write
anything of note
more often teaching and
the rest of us wait and hope
for the right words to come
to inspire us
and everybody else.

Brenton Booth

cruel summer by poorthunder

Cruel Summer” by Terrence PoorThunder


Laying in the darkness Yo Yo Ma playing
Bach and my whole body aching
I have been training hard everyday for a
trip I am taking to a muay thai camp in
Thailand in two weeks:
a poet who can’t fight is nothing but a
the portable fan blows and its still hot
but I don’t care—
heat can come in handy sometimes:
comfort gives the illusion of mastery,
discomfort reminds us of how far we
have to go
in my small apartment in Sydney
sweating and sore on a Friday night:
not caring for the way:
knowing it leads nowhere worth going

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Brenton Booth

kurseong by swadesh misra
“Kurseong” by Swadesh Misra


Home from work at 8:30PM
my apartment starving
looking at the walls
without walls we couldn’t
survive, I think
a police siren screams
I have a glass of water
wondering if my crazy
neighbour  will call the
police again tonight and
try to get me arrested
again for doing absolutely
feet sore from going nowhere
mind sore from panoramas of
this is how civilisations fall,
I look out the window
the moon is full
there’s stars everywhere
on one of those stars things
must be better;
maybe not:
but enough to keep me going
for tonight anyway

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