James Babbs

Malaga Mural

“Malaga Mural” by David J. Thompson

Yes, Oh, Yes

I live where corn fields grow
surrounded all the time
by lonely stretches of road
spaces between the houses
like oceans
stretching in all directions
plenty of darkness
and plenty of silence
where you can get some thinking done
and I like driving at night
out to the middle of nowhere
before parking the car and
gazing up at the sky
and I like it the best
when I’m all alone
when nobody knows
where the hell I am and
I imagine myself
stranded on a desert island
with plenty of food to eat
and an endless supply
of cheap red wine and
no chance in hell
of getting rescued
what a beautiful
beautiful dream


James Babbs

Your KungFu

“Your KungFu” by David J. Thompson

Jesus Drinks Alone

I don’t remember
seeing him come in
I guess
he’s been here the whole time
sitting over there
at the other end of the bar
bottle of beer in front of him and
he doesn’t have a beard
just his long hair hanging
down past his shoulders
his faded denim jacket
over his black hooded sweatshirt and
I keep thinking
he looks just like the rest of us
like he has nowhere else to go
so he just sits in here for hours
drinking alone
nobody believes in miracles
anymore and
not the place it used to be

James Babbs


“monolith ex. c light erosion” by David Tomaloff

In the Aftermath

somewhere among the ruins
I crawled through the rubble
confused by what had happened
the sky choked with dust
and I couldn’t see the sun

somewhere among the ruins
lost in hours of drunkenness
I wandered around alone
the sun had broken through
but it was too bright
I closed my eyes
and waited for night to fall

somewhere among the ruins
I started foraging for food
I wasn’t really hungry
but driven by my own body
the tasteless pieces
sliding down my throat

somewhere among the ruins
I found pieces of my heart
and gathered them up
before I realized
I’d never find them all
so I released them again
stood and watched them
scattering into the wind

somewhere among the ruins
I saw her again
fluttering over the wreckage
and she kept stopping
as if she were listening for something
for a moment I wanted to scream at her
but I didn’t
I just watched her turn
before lifting up her wings
and rising into the air

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