Ross Vassilev

The Laws Vary From State to State

The Laws Vary From State to State by Jim Wittenberg

what an asshole

my grandfather was a drunk
he retired from the army as a lt. colonel
so I hate soldiers in general
but Amercian soldiers most of all
cuz there’s only one Empire
I leave nasty comments for them all over
the Internet
you can probably find some of them
what I like best is
when I get replies to my blurbs
mostly threats and insults
when I get the notifications in my email
I laugh my fucking ass off!
it ain’t much, I know, but when you’re slowly
dying in a shit little town in Ohio
it’s something.

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Mather Schneider

His Fans Always Know What They Like

His Fans Always Know What They Like by Jim Wittenberg



Some poets prefer nonsense
because it is easier to
pass off as genius.
The young protest society
while sucking its tit,
rebellion only a game
within protected boundaries,
and in the end most works
are nothing to
awaken, frighten, excite, but only
pastel mobiles or
balloon animals.
Sometimes people will say if it makes sense
it is boring
and common,
while really it is the most unusual thing
you will see in almost any
poetry magazine, which prefer
dream idiocy
like the drooling of infants,
without message
and with a diffused spirit
which can’t quite speak
but delights the corpulent matrons.

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Leah Angstman

Creation Myth

Creation Myth by Jim Wittenberg

If Sydney Carton hadn’t gone to the guillotine,

I might not have been a punk rocker;
I might have believed in love or god or goodness
more than politics.

If Jekyll had prevailed,
I might have known more from science;
the bigwigs could point fingers,
but the yays could outvote the nays.

If Mr. Rochester had married Blanche,
I might have understood how the hierarchy works;
we orphans had no real chance in fairytales
against the monarchies, aristocracies,
democracies, atrocities, two cities.

If Valjean had only told the truth
a little sooner and not to Marius,
or if Javert had given up the chase
before it consumed him,
I might not have been an atheist.

It might be a far, far worse thing I do
than I had ever done.

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